Heaven in the Milan chaos: Villa Necchi


Hi, Iv2tellu about my visit at Villa Necchi

Hi, je dois vous raconter ma visite de la Villa Necchi

In center of Milan, in the middle of traffic, the smog, far from the Milan trams cables, there is the Villa Necchi. The Villa Necchi is a huge, beautiful and full of history country house in the middle of Milan. This villa was built from 1932 to 1935 for the Necchi family, one of the most important Italian industrial family. The architect, Piero Portaluppi had no budget limit and built the house from nothing. This let you imagine the materials (rosewood, marble) used and the dimension of the house.

Au coeur de Milan, au milieu du traffic, du nuage de pollution milanais, loin des câbles des trams: il y’a la Villa Necchi. La Villa Necchi est une belle et immense maison, chargée d’histoire en plein centre de Milan. La villa a été construite entre 1932 et 1935 pour la famille Necchi, l’une des plus importante famille industrielle italienne. L’architecte Piero Portaluppi n’avait aucune limite de budget et a construit la maison à partir de rien. Je vous laisse imaginer les matériaux utilisés (marbre, bois de rosier) et la dimension de la maison.

Where is the link with the fashion? Actually a lot of events, shooting, editorials and advertisement are done in Villa Necchi. But also movies like I am Love  with the amazing Tilda Swinton. Necchi was a company specialized in sewing machine! Moreover the villa Necchi is also a source of inspiration for many artists, because the work of Piero Portaluppi.

Ou est le lien avec la mode? Eh bien, la Villa Necchi est un lieu utilisé pour de nombreux, évènements,  shooting et campagnes publicitaire, comme par exemple celle de Borbonese. Mais aussi des films comme I am Love, avec l’immense Tilda Swinton. Et puis la famille Necchi était spécialisée dans les machines coudre! Mais aussi cette maison, l’oeuvre de Piero Portaluppi sont une source d’inspiration pour de nombreux artistes.

Villa Necchi Campiglio
via Mozart, 14 – 20122 Milano, Italia 
t +39 02 76340121 – f +39 02 76395526

Borbonese advertisement campaign shot in Villa Necchi *

Borbonese advertising campaign 2 *

I am Love (2009) **

La Perla, the Roaring Collection advertising campaign ***


Villa Necchi

The library

The fumoir

The living room

The Veranda 2

The dinning room, with this object made with coral and lapis lazuli

The Bathroom 1

Star window in the toilet

Foulards Hermes of the Necchi family

A foulard signed by Marc Bohan, the creative director of Dior at that time.

A bedroom

The hall and dressing

A living room inspired by the 18 century. This is not the original room

The stairs, with rosewood panels

The swimming pool

The swimming pool 2

The garden

*: pictures taken from Borbonese website

**: picture taken from http://www.iamlovemovie.com

***: picture taken from guilty-pleasure.com

*: photo tirée du site officielle de Borbonese

**: photo tirée de www.iamlovemovie.com

***: photo tirée de guilty-pleasure.com




3 thoughts on “Heaven in the Milan chaos: Villa Necchi

  1. Freddy H. says:

    I have been to Milan so many times and never knew this Villa was there.My next trip I will be sure to visit.Thanks for the imfo.I learn something new everyday.

      • freddu h says:

        Dear Marie,thanks so much for the reply.Very nice of u.I will visit the villa on my next trip.

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