Ethnic Boho shooting

Ethnic Boho

Hi, Ive2tellu about my first shooting in studio as stylist.

Hi, je dois vous raconter mon premier shooting en studio en tant que styliste.

As you may know at IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), we have a Photo Set course, which consist in doing shootings. The teacher gives us a theme and we have to focus on the styling. But this time it was in a studio, with a model, a make artist and the professor as photographer. 

The theme of the week was Ethnic Boho. Basically Ethnic boho is about loose, colorful clothing, hand-made jewelry, colorful scarves, ethnic elements, long flowing hair, braided, creativity, opposite of showing off. Siena Miller or Nicole Ritchie could be good examples of Ethnic Boho style.

For this project I was in group with 2 other students Alessandro and Ram. Each group had 25 minutes to shoot 2 outfits.

A big thank you to Alessandro for the post-production!!!

Comme vous le savez au IED (Istituto Europeo di Design),nous avons un cours intitulé Photo Set, qui consiste à faire des shooting. La prof nous donne un thème and on doit se concentrer sur la partie styling. Cette fois ci on a eu le droit à un studio, un mannequin, un make-up artiste et un photographe (la prof).

Le thème de la semaine était Ethnic Boho. Ethnic boho c’est: des vêtements amples, colorés, des bijoux faits à la main, des écharpes colorées, des éléments ethniques, des cheveux détachés, libres, tressés, de la créativité, à l’antithèse du bling. Siena Miller ou Nicole Ritichie sont des exemples du style Ethnic Boho.

Pour ce projet, j’ai travaillé avec 2 autres étudiants Alessandro et Ram. Chaque groupe avait 25 minutes pour shooter 2 tenues.

Un grand merci à Alessandro pour l’édition des photos.


Asian cosmic shooting is coming!!



One thought on “Ethnic Boho shooting

  1. ILpiccoloMONDODICRI says:

    How exciting is this post! Come study in Italia, posso scrivere in italiano, certo?! Penso che il mio inglese è ancora peggio del mio italiano!!!! : ) Ebbene, tempo fa, ho fatto una ricerca sulle univercittà italiane di moda! Sì, penso/pensavo (non lo sò) in studiare moda in Italia! Allore, potresti inviarmi il link della tua univercittà per me (

    Con questo post, ho conosciuto il lato romantico di questo stile…. bellissimo!!!


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