Shooting Womenswear: Ludicrous Luxurious

Hi, Ive2tellu about my womenswear shooting

Hey, je dois vous parlez de mon shooting womenswear

For my womenswear exam I had to create an editorial. The theme was : Bad Taste Looks Great!!! So for this exam I was inspired by the new rich women, very vulgar, who loves to show off their money. I did some research by watching a Brazilian realty show called Mulheres ricas. One the most terrible show of the history but very inspiring, because I could noticed key elements of the look I wanted to create: fur (no matter the color), animal prints, oversized jewels, branded accessories and clothes, pink, jewels very flashy with diamonds… and the attitude : ultra superficial and dramatic!

And I would like to say a big thank you to the stores in Via Montenapoleone and in the Quadrilatera della moda for giving shopping bags.

Pour mon examen shooting womenswear, j’ai du réaliser un shooting. Le thème était: le mauvais goût c’est géniale!! Donc pour cet examen je me suis inspirée par les femmes nouvellemtn riche, tres vulgaire, qui aiment montrer leur nouveau statut. J’ai donc fait quelques recherches en regardant Mulheres ricas, un realty show brésilien, le pire de l’histoire. Mais très inspirant car j’ai pu identifié les éléments clés du look que je voulais créer: la fourrure, imprimés animaliers, bijoux oversized et clinquant, vêtement et accessoire de luxe, le rose… et les attitudes: superficielles et théâtrales!

Et je voudrais remercier les boutique de la Via Montenapoleone et du Quadrilatera della moda pour m’avoir gentiment donner des sacs

For the lay out I was inspired by Vogue Paris 

Pour le graphisme je me suis inspirée de Vogue Paris

Photographer: Massimo Bestteti, Styling: Marie Soares, Make-Up: Tamara Anedda, Model: Vanessa Machado (Dasmodels)

PS: All the credits for the clothes are fake except the pink dress create by my friend Nilisha Joseph and the Christian Louboutin shoe!!

Hope you liked it



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